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Welcome to JennOnline Consulting!

My variety of portfolio work is diverse and has been enjoyable to Create.Mostly Corp. ID work and other unique samples on the home page right now! Check my portfolio page for added genre art and various mediums! I will be adding more as time goes on.I have been a commissioned artist, designer and photographer for a combine 22 years.I put that statement into my mind and it has been ingrained in my psyche ever since.My lifeblood of my craft is Never giving up and always learn new things to adapt to the world.I am learning how to improve my minds eye and focus to develop more unique work everyday

Life doesnt always go the way we plan so having a back up plan never hurts but never let it change the course your goals you want to achieve.I am always learning how to improve my minds eye and focus to develop more unique work every day. This last update I am dedicating to my Dad who was my business mentor my who life. He never gave up on me . He always told me to never give up on your dreams..

Some of our Services are:
  Traditional & Digital Photography/Illustration,Website and Blog Design/ Setup,Sound & Video Production/2D Animation,Social media Development/3DConcepts, Print media & more !

About Us!
JennOnline Consulting is a set of Advanced GraphicWeb/Multimedia Advertising Creative Services...





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